Sanda Pahan Rayeka / සඳ පහන් රැයෙක

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සමන් ජයනාත් ජිනදාස

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වෘත්තියෙන් ඉංජිනේරුවෙකු වන, ” තුමුල නමුණුකුල පාමුළ (උමා), ගාන තෙල් සඳුන් සහ සලාම් කියාගෙන ගෙට එන” වැනි ගීත රැසකින් රසිකයන් ඇද බැඳ ගත් සමන් ජයනාත් ජිනදාසයන් ගේ දැනට වෙළඳපොලේ ඇති එකම ඇල්බමය.

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    Saman Jayanath Jinadasa





    1 review for Sanda Pahan Rayeka / සඳ පහන් රැයෙක

    1. Vihanga Bogastanne

      This is one of the greatest album from the Sri Lanka CD Albums that has ever made.
      This not only has 16 songs.This has lyrics of the 16 songs and a description of Saman Jayanath Jinadasa by Prof.Sunil Ariyaratne.

      From the 16 songs Saman’s first songs were recorded in the NECO Studio (indicates through pink diamond).
      The last song is a new version of the song “Salam Kiyagena Geta Ena”. I don’t know why they did not add the original.

      Overall this is a great album for a Sinhala Music Lover.
      And also the best album that TORANA MUSIC has ever done.

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