Great Leaders GROW: Becoming a Leader for Life


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After reading Great Leaders GROW, you will be convinced for sure that even you could become a great leader someday. It is a short, quick read, and it is well worth the time investment.

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The world has never needed good leaders more than today. The need for good leaders will constantly increase as the world of business becomes more and more global and competitive. Blanchard and Miller’s Great Leaders GROW: Becoming a Leader for Life contains a road map that current and future leaders can follow to become more effective, value-added, and service-oriented leaders.

The word GROW in the title is capitalized because it is actually an acronym. The book is a narrative that follows Blake Brown, a very recent college graduate, through a few difficult times in life. After his father dies suddenly, his father’s last words to him will not leave his mind. Blake plays those words over and over again: “You can be a leader.” At the funeral, it is obvious to Blake that his father influenced a huge number of people. One of these people becomes Blake’s mentor: Debbie Brewster. Blake’s father, Jeff Brown, mentored Debbie directly early in her career, so Debbie wanted to pay forward his service. And who better to pay it forward than with Jeff’s own son?

Throughout the book, Debbie reveals one piece of the GROW puzzle at a time. Then Blake figures out how to apply what she teaches on the job. One by one, Debbie helps Blake assemble each piece of the GROW puzzle until he has a glimpse of the whole picture.  What’s interesting about the GROW puzzle, and about leadership in general, is that they both involve the need for constant effort over a lot of years to hone and refine skills.


    Harper Collins


    Ken Blanchard, Mark Miller






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